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LAM 4.8

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Normal   Self Service shows password reuse error after password change was required


LAM 4.7.1

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 169 missing LDAP_DEREF_NEVER in some cases


LAM 4.7

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Normal   Blank page and "User tried to access entry of type ..." log message when DN suffix does not exactly match case in LDAP


LAM 4.6

No known bugs.

LAM 4.5

No known bugs.

LAM 4.4

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Normal 163 PDF export for multiple entries does not work
Normal 161 Problem with photo upload when PHP Imagick is not installed
Minor 165 Use account filters for Unix membership management


LAM 4.3

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Security 156 XSS in login.php (patch)
Normal   Password self reset: Samba attributes are always set (patch available)
Minor 158 Format of photo in Personal tab


LAM 4.2.1

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 150 LAM is not PHP 5.5 compatible
Minor 154 Lamdaemon: do not show message if home directory to delete was not found
Normal   Custom fields: auto-adding object classes via profile editor fixed


LAM 4.2

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor   Quota: profile editor does not work in some cases
Normal   Unix: suggested user name must be lower case


LAM 4.1

No known bugs