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LAM 4.1

No known bugs

LAM 4.0.1

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Security   XSS vulnerability in LAM Pro self service (patch available in LAM Pro releases area)
Minor 3601649 Size limit of user and group names
Normal 146 Password mail does not replace all attribute wildcards


LAM 4.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Major   Missing directories config/pdf and config/profiles on new installations


LAM 3.9

No known bugs.

LAM 3.8

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Normal 3546092 Hidden tools are still shown in the "Tools" page


LAM 3.7

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 3528288 Asterisk extensions with same name


LAM 3.6

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Normal   Edit page: unable to move accounts to different OU
Normal 3446037 Tree view: unable to add object class
Normal 3444948 Profile loading not possible if required fields are not filled
Minor 3441975 DHCP: error message not displayed correctly
Minor 3483907 Self Service: user cannot change data if password change is forced via PPolicy
Major   Self service: password reset link misses a file (fixed in LAM Pro 3.6.1)
Security 3496624 XSS in tree view (patch available in BTS report)


LAM 3.5.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 3416180 Unix: check for upper-case characters in user name


LAM 3.4.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Normal 3300727 Owner attribute is multi-valued


LAM 3.3.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 3183920 Renaming of default profile
Normal   Profile editor: fixed problems with multi select