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LAM 3.2.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 3107124 ignore comment lines in shells file
Normal   home directory creation fails on file upload

LAM 3.1.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 3033605 email check did not include "+"
Minor 3042622 tab index on login page


LAM 3.0.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 2994528 Samba domain SID check
Minor 2996335 language selection at login
Normal 2999532 export fails on PHP 5.3.x


LAM 2.9.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Normal 2931458 Multi-delete not working
Normal 2919236 Samba: Can/must change password needs to be read from domain policy
Minor 2931461 DNs which include "#" are not editable/deletable

LAM 2.8.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Normal 2903267 DHCP subnet check is wrong
Minor 2901248 Aliases are not correctly handled in tree view
Minor 2889473 Unable to edit accounts with DNs that contain spaces next to a comma
Minor 2889414 Login method "LDAP search" has problems if LDAP server is down

LAM 2.7.0

No known bugs

LAM 2.6.0

 Severity   BTS link   Description 
Minor 2798489 Lamdaemon: extra check for creating home directories
Minor 2811505 LAM does not support memcache for session storage

LAM 2.4.0 - 2.5.0

No known bugs