LAM Pro license changes

LAM Pro switched from a perpetual license model to a subscription model.

What is a subscription license model?

This means that you need to renew your license on a yearly basis to keep it working. This is already well known for other software products where you pay per month/year.

Why this change?

The new model allows us to focus more on improving quality and usability than new features. It allows us to better calculate and plan our resources.

What happens with my existing perpetual license?

To be short, there is no change for any existing license.

  • Your installed LAM Pro software will continue to work without time limitation
  • All new versions of LAM Pro that are published during your current upgrade period will work without time limitation
  • Your existing license keys remain valid

What happens after my current upgrade period ends?

At the end of your upgrade period you can choose to extend it to keep getting support and upgrades. But you will then get a new license key for the new subscription model. This means upgrades will require to renew your subscription on a regular basis.

More questions or any concerns?

Please contact us at and we will answer any open questions or find a solution for you.