PDF templates

Every PDF structure is saved as a single file in config/pdf. The file extension is the account type (user, group, ...) plus ".xml" (e.g. default.user.xml).


The root tag is <pdf> with the attributes filename for the logo and headline for the title.

There are two types of subentries in <pdf>:


Sections are parts of the PDF file where data from the account profiles (e.g. LDAP attributes) is shown. Each section has a title and a list of entries.

The title is defined with the name attribute inside the section tag. If the title begins with a "_" then LAM interprets it as entry. This means that LAM will insert the value part of this entry here.

Each section has a list of subentries which are defined with the <entry> tag. The have only one attribute which is name and contains the identifier of this entry.


LAM allows to display a fixed text in the PDF which is defined with the <text> tag. The text is just written inside the tags.


<pdf type="user" filename="printLogo.jpg" headline="LDAP Account Manager">
    <text>This document includes your personal account settings.</text>
    <section name="Personal User Infos">
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_givenName" />
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_sn" />
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_street" />
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_postalCode" />
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_postalAddress" />
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_mail" />
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_telephoneNumber" />
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_mobileTelephoneNumber" />
        <entry name="inetOrgPerson_facsimileTelephoneNumber" />
    <section name="Unix User Settings">
        <entry name="posixAccount_uid" />
        <entry name="posixAccount_userPassword" />
        <entry name="posixAccount_primaryGroup" />
        <entry name="posixAccount_additionalGroups" />
        <entry name="posixAccount_homeDirectory" />
        <entry name="posixAccount_loginShell" />