Type HowTo - CSS file

Every account type has its own style sheet where it can define colors and fonts.

1. File name

The CSS files are saved in style/. Your file must be named 600_type_<your type>.css.


The myType type has the CSS file style/600_type_myType.css.

2. Contents

There are three colors that are defined for each type:
.<your type>-border { border-color:#af8800; }
.<your type>-bright { background-color:#fff3c8 !important; }
.<your type>-dark { background-color:#ffe27f !important; }
Border is used for e.g. table borders, bright and dark are used as background colors for tables and fieldsets.

.smbDomain-border { border-color:#1d993e; }
.smbDomain-bright { background-color:#c9ddd2 !important; }
.smbDomain-dark { background-color:#a8ddbf !important; }
The colors for LAM's included types can be found in 500_layout.css.