Appendix A. LDAP schema files

Here is a list of needed LDAP schema files for the different LAM modules. For OpenLDAP we also provide a source where you can get the files.

Table A.1. LDAP schema files

 Account typeObject class(es)Schema nameSourceNotes
Unix accountsposixAccount, shadowAccount, hostObject, posixGroupnis.schema, rfc2307bis.schema, ldapns.schema (hostObject)Part of OpenLDAP installation, part of libpam-ldap (ldapns.schema)The rfc2307bis.schema is only supported by LAM Pro. Use the nis.schema if you do not want to upgrade to LAM Pro.
Address book entriesinetOrgPersoninetorgperson.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installation 
Samba 3 accountssambaSamAccount, sambaGroupMapping, sambaDomainsamba.schemaPart of Samba tarball (examples/LDAP/samba.schema) 
Windows AD (Samba 4)user, group, computer Samba 4 built-in 
AD LDSuser, group AD LDS built-in 
Kolab 2/3 userskolabUserkolab2/3.schema, rfc2739.schemaPart of Kolab 2/3 installation 
Asterisk (extension)AsteriskSIPUser, AsteriskExtensionasterisk.schemaPart of Asterisk installation 
PyKota users, groups, printers and billing codespykotaObject, pykotaAccount, pykotaAccountBalance, pykotaGroup, pykotaPrinter, pykotaBillingpykota.schemaPart of PyKota installation 
Mail routinginetLocalMailRecipientmisc.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installation 
HostshostObject, deviceldapns.schemaPart of libpam-ldap installationThe device object class is only available in LAM Pro.
Authorized servicesauthorizedServiceObjectldapns.schemaPart of libpam-ldap installation 
Mail aliasesnisMailAliasmisc.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installation 
Qmail userqmailUserqmail.schemaPart of qmail_ldapLAM Pro only
MAC addressesieee802devicenis.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installation 
IP addressesipHostnis.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installationLAM Pro only
PuppetpuppetClientpuppet.schemaPuppet on GitHub 
EDU personeduPersoneduperson.schema 
Simple Accountsaccountcosine.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installation 
SSH public keysldapPublicKeyopenssh-lpk.schemaIncluded in patch from 
Filesystem quotassystemQuotasquota.schemaLinux DiskQuota 
Group of (unique) namesgroupOfNames, groupOfUniqueNames, groupOfMemberscore.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installationLAM Pro only
GroupsorganizationalRolecore.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installationLAM Pro only
DHCPdhcpOptions, dhcpSubnet, dhcpServerdhcp.schemadocs/schema/dhcp.schemaThe LDAP suffix should be set to your dhcpServer entry.
Bind DLZ DNSdlzZone, dlzHost, dlzSOARecord, dlzNSRecord, dlzARecord, dlzMXRecord, dlzCNameRecord, dlzPTRRecorddlz.schemapart of Bind DLZ patchLAM Pro only
Aliasesalias, uidObjectcore.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installationLAM Pro only
NIS netgroupsnisNetgroupnis.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installation 
NIS objectsnisObjectnis.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installationLAM Pro only
Automount objectsautomountautofs.schema, rfc2307bis.schemaAutofs LDAPLAM Pro only
Oracle databasesorclNetServiceoidbase.schema, oidnet.schema, oidrdbms.schema, alias.schemaPreinstalled on Oracle directory server, OpenLDAP schemas can be downloaded e.g. hereLAM Pro only
Password policiespwdPolicy, deviceppolicy.schema, core.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installationLAM Pro only
PowerDNSdNSDomain2, domainRelatedObjectdnsdomain2.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installationLAM Pro only
FreeRadius usersradiusprofileopenldap.schemaPart of FreeRadius installation 
Heimdal Kerberoskrb5KDCEntryhdb.schemaPart of Heimdal Kerberos installationLAM Pro only
MIT KerberoskrbPrincipal, krbPrincipalAux, krbTicketPolicyAuxkerberos.schemaPart of MIT Kerberos installationLAM Pro only
Simple Security ObjectsimpleSecurityObjectcore.schemaPart of OpenLDAP installationLAM Pro only
Sudo rolessudoRolesudo.schemaPart of sudo-ldap installationLAM Pro only
Kopanokopano-user, kopano-contact, kopano-group, kopano-dynamicgroup, kopano-addresslist, kopano-serverkopano.ldifPart of Kopano installationLAM Pro only
IMAP mailboxes---Does not require any schema.
LDAP viewsnsview, organizationalunitbuilt-inPart of LDAP server installation (e.g. 389 server)LAM Pro only
Apache GuacamoleguacConfigGroupguacConfigGroup.ldifPart of Guacamole Auth LDAP installationLAM Pro only
AlldynamicObjectbuilt-in with DDS modulePart of LDAP server installationLAM Pro only, requires DDS extension on LDAP server side