Appendix D. Setup for home directory and quota management is used to modify quota and home directories on a remote or local host via SSH (even if homedirs are located on localhost).

If you want wo use it you have to set up the following things to get it to work:


First of all, you need to install on your remote server where LAM should manage homedirs and/or quota. This is usually a different server than the one where LAM is installed. But there is no problem if it is the same.

Debian based (e.g. also Ubuntu)

Please install the lamdaemon DEB package on your quota/homedir server.

RPM based (Fedora, CentOS, Suse, ...)

Please install the lamdaemon RPM package on your quota/homedir server.


Please copy lib/ from the LAM tar.bz2 package to your quota/homedir server. The location may be anywhere (e.g. use /opt/lamdaemon). Please make the script executable.