Password reset page

This special page allows your deskside support staff to reset the Unix and Samba passwords of your users. Account may also be (un)locked If you set the access level to "Change passwords" then LAM will not allow any changes to the LDAP database except password changes via this page. The account pages will be still available in read-only mode.

You can open the password reset page by clicking on the key symbol on each user account:

There are three different options to set a new password. You can further restrict these options in server profile settings.

LAM will display contact information about the user like the user's name, email address and telephone number. This will help your deskside support to easily contact your users.


Depending on the account there may be additional options available.

Account (un)locking:

Depending if the account includes a Unix/Samba extension and PPolicy is activated the page will show options to (un)lock the account. E.g. if the account is fully unlocked then there will be no unlocking options printed.