Setup sudo

The perl script has to run as root. Therefore we need a wrapper, sudo. Edit /etc/sudoers on host where homedirs or quotas should be used and add the following line:

$admin All= NOPASSWD: $path_to_lamdaemon *

$admin is the admin user from LAM (must be a valid Unix account) and $path_to_lamdaemon is the path to


myAdmin ALL= NOPASSWD: /srv/www/htdocs/lam/lib/ *

You might need to run the sudo command once manually to init sudo. The command "sudo -l" will show all possible sudo commands of the current user.

Attention: Please do not use the options "Defaults requiretty" and "Defaults env_reset" in /etc/sudoers. Otherwise you might get errors like "you must have a tty to run sudo" or "no tty present and no askpass program specified".