Appendix G. Clustering LAM

LAM is a web application based on PHP. Therefore, clustering is not directly a part of the application.

But here are some hints to run LAM in a clustered environment.

Application parts:

LAM can be divided into three parts


This is the simplest part. Just install LAM on each cluster node. Please note that if you run LAM Pro you will need either one license for each active cluster node or a company license.

Configuration files:

These files include the LAM server profiles, account profiles, PDF structures, ... Usually, they do not change frequently and can be put on a shared file system (e.g. NFS, AFS, ...).

Please link "config" or "/var/lib/ldap-account-manager/config" to a directory on your shared file system.

Session data and temporary files:

These are critical because the files may change on every page load. There are basically two options:

Session data and temporary files are located in "tmp" + "sess" or "/var/lib/ldap-account-manager/tmp" + "/var/lib/ldap-account-manager/sess".