Appendix H. Troubleshooting

Reset configuration password

The password for the server profiles can be reset using the master configuration password. Open LAM configuration -> Edit server profiles ->Manage server profiles for this.

In case you lost your master configuration password you need to manually edit the main configuration file (config.cfg) on the file system.

  1. Locate config.cfg: On DEB/RPM installations it is in /usr/share/ldap-account-manager/config and for tar.bz2 in config folder.

  2. Locate the "password" entry in the file

  3. Replace the password hash after "password: " with your new clear-text password (e.g. "secret")

After the change the line should look like this:

password: secret

You can now login using your new password. Set the password once again via GUI in main configuration settings. This will then put again a hash value in the config.cfg file.