Here you can find a list of common terms used in LAM.

Table 1.1. Glossary

Account modulePlugin for a specific account type (e.g. Unix plugin for user type)
Account typeType of an LDAP entry (e.g. user/group/host)
Admin interfaceLAM webpages for admin user (e.g. to create new users)
LamdaemonSupport script to manage user file system quotas and create home directories
PDF editorManages PDF structures
PDF exportExports an entry to PDF by using a PDF structure
PDF structureDefines the layout and list of data fields to include in PDF export
ProfileTemplate for creation of LDAP entries, contains default values
Profile editorManages profiles for all account types
Self ServiceLAM webpages for normal users where they can edit their own data
Self service profileConfiguration for self service pages (multiple configurations can exist)
Tree viewLDAP browser that allows to modify LDAP entries on attribute/object class level