LAM includes large support for Asterisk. You can add Asterisk extensions (including voicemail) to your users and also manage Asterisk extensions.

The Asterisk support for users can be added by selecting the Asterisk and Asterisk voicemail modules for users in your LAM server profile. This will add the following tabs to your user accounts.

The Asterisk module allows to edit a large amount of attributes. Therefore, you can hide unused fields. Please edit you server profile (Module settings) to do so.

Of course, the voicemail part of Asterisk is also supported.

If you also want to manage Asterisk extensions then simply add the account type "Asterisk extensions" and its module to your server profile.

LAM groups your Asterisk extension entries by extension name and account context. If you edit an extension then you will see the Asterisk entries as rules. LAM manages that all rule entries have the same owners and assigns the priorities.