Functional issues

Size limit

You will get a message like "LDAP sizelimit exceeded, not all entries are shown." when you hit the LDAP search limit.

Invalid syntax errors:

If you get any strange errors like "Invalid syntax" or "Invalid DN syntax" please check if your LDAP schema matches LAM's requirements.

Schema test:

This can be done by running "Tools" -> "Tests" -> "Schema test" inside LAM.

If there are any object classes or attributes missing you will get a notice. See LDAP schema files for a list of used schemas. You may also want to deactivate unused modules in your LAM server profile (tab "Modules").

LDAP Logging:

If your schema is correct you can turn on LDAP logging to get more detailed error messages from your LDAP server.

OpenLDAP logging:

After changing the configuration please restart OpenLDAP. It usually uses /var/log/syslog for log output.

PHP logging

Sometimes it can help to enable PHP logging inside LAM. You can do this in the logging area of LAM's main configuration. Set the logging option to "all" and check if there are any messages printed in your browser window. Please note that not every notice message is an error but it may help to find the problem.