LAM celebrates its 15th anniversary

LAM celebrates its 15th anniversary. 15 years full of challenges, changes and lots of fun.

The past:
The project was founded in 2003 as web GUI for Samba (Samba 2!) accounts in an OpenLDAP database. Over the years LAM developed to one of the standard tools for LDAP account management. It is used by people all over the world and translated to 19 languages.

While the first release only supported users, groups and hosts the current LAM (Pro) release supports 24 different account types with 89 account modules. In 2006 the LAM Pro version was introduced. It provides additional features for enterprise usage and is the financial basis for LAM's development.

Highlights of the last 15 years:

* 2003: Project initiation and first stable release (0.4.1)
* 2006: Release of LAM 1.0, first LAM Pro release with user self service
* 2009: New plugins: custom scripts, Asterisk, alias management, NIS netgroups + objects, EDU person
* 2012: User self registration, new plugins: MIT+Heimdal Kerberos, custom fields, QMail, Puppet
* 2015: Cron jobs e.g. for password expiration notification
* 2017: Support multiple configurations for same account type

Many thanks to all who contributed to LAM by e.g. donating code, maintaining translations and reporting feature requests or bugs.

The present:
From Asterisk over Samba to Zarafa, there exist various plugins for all sorts of LDAP-enabled applications. Using the custom fields module LAM can also support your own company schema. Next to LAM's interface for admin users there is the self service that helps your users to manage their own data.

The future:
LAM will continue to provide support for additional applications. The next big milestone will be full responsive support to access LAM from mobile devices. LAM Pro self service already supports this.

Of course, in the end you - the users of LAM - decide. Please post your ideas, comments and wishes to LAM's mailinglist or the feature request tracker.

See the application evolution on our gource video on YouTube: