LDAP Account Manager Pro

LDAP Account Manager Pro is an extended version of LAM which focuses on enterprise usage. It helps you to lower your administration costs by providing enhanced tools for your users and deskside support staff.


  • Self service: This allows your users to change certain LDAP data by themselves. LAM Pro provides a special login and user page to allow your users to change their telephone number etc.. Users may also reset their passwords. Read more...
  • Additional account modules: LAM Pro supports Zarafa, group of names, aliases, the rfc2307bis schema, ... Read more...
  • Run custom scripts: LAM can run scripts on your server when accounts are created/modified/deleted. Read more...
  • Access levels: You can specify if LAM allows full write access, password changes or only read access. Read more...
  • Cron jobs: Send your users emails before their passwords expire. Read more...
  • Password reset page: Here your deskside support staff can reset passwords easily. Read more...

 See our feature matrix for details.

All LAM Pro features are documented in the LAM manual.


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LAM Pro customers

Porsche Informatik G.m.b.H.
ABB Automation GmbH
University of Hawaii
Computer Task Group, Inc.
SupraNet Communications, Inc

McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT

cosine Science & Computing BV

Ecole des Mines de Paris / CEMEF

 Other customers:

  • various technology companies including a large US semiconductor company
  • a popular German telecommunication provider
  • a big German logistics company
  • a well-known US publishing company
  • numerous universities and schools around the world



The LAM Pro Zarafa integration is Zarafa Certified.

 See also our sponsors page for cooperations.