Feature matrix


Managed objects
389ds password unlocking and account status no yes
Address book entries yes yes
Aliases no yes
Apache Guacamole no yes
Asterisk users/extensions yes yes
Authorized services yes yes
Auto-delete entries
Automount entries
Custom fields no yes
Courier users and mail aliases yes yes
Devices no yes
DHCP entries yes yes
DNS entries (Bind DLZ + PowerDNS) no yes
EDU person accounts yes yes
FreeRadius yes yes
General LDAP entry information yes yes
Group of (unique) names no yes
Group of members no yes
Heimdal Kerberos users no yes
Hosts yes yes
IMAP mailboxes yes yes
IP addresses no yes
Kolab users + shared folders yes yes
Kopano no yes
Linux DiskQuota yes yes
MAC addresses yes yes
Mail routing/aliases yes yes
MIT Kerberos users no yes
NIS netgroups yes yes
NIS objects no yes
Oracle databases no yes
Organizational roles no yes
Password policies no yes
Puppet yes yes
Pykota printers, users, groups and billing codes yes yes
Qmail users no yes
Quotas for users/groups yes yes
rfc2307bis schema support no yes
Samba users/groups yes yes
Simple Security Object no yes
Windows users/groups yes yes
AD LDS users/groups no yes
SSH keys yes yes
Sudo roles no yes
Unix users/groups yes yes
2-factor authentication yes yes
Access levels no yes
Configuration profiles yes yes

Cron jobs

  • PPolicy/Shadow/Windows: email users before password expires
  • FreeRadius, QMail, Shadow, Windows: delete or move expired accounts
no yes
Custom scripts no yes
File upload yes yes
LDAP browser yes yes
LDAP server information yes yes
Logging yes yes
Multiple languages yes yes
Password reset page no yes
PDF export yes yes
Profiles yes yes
Schema browser yes yes
Multi edit yes yes
User self service no yes