Translation HowTo

This is how our translation system works:

We use Gettext for our translations. The .po files[1] contain all English strings ("msgid") in our
project. You have to write the translation for each string in "msgstr". The msgid must not be changed.

#: ../lib/
msgid "Change suffix"
msgstr ""
=> #: ../lib/
msgid "Change suffix"
msgstr "Suffix wechseln"


If you update an existing translation there might be fuzzy entries. Here the translation system guessed the translation. Please also check these entries and remove the word "fuzzy". At the beginning of the file please enter your name and mail address. Please note that the file must be encoded in UTF8.

Wildcards: There may appear wildcards like "%s" in the msgids. These are replaced by parameters at runtime. Please check that the number of wildcards in msgid and msgstr is the same.

We suggest to use Lokalize or PoEdit for the translation but any editor with UTF8 support can do it, too.

If you want to start a new translation please subscribe to lam-i18n and write a short mail to what language you want to translate. We will send you an empty .po file.

Whenever the translations need to be updated we will inform you on lam-i18n. There is also a project on Transifex.

[1] locale/<LANG_ID>/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po