• Added YubiKey as 2-factor authentication provider
  • Support logging to remote syslog server
  • PHP 7.3 support
  • LAM Pro:
    • Allow to mark text and text area fields as required
    • New self service fields:
      • Mail routing
      • Windows proxy addresses + mail alias
      • Shadow account expiration date
      • Unix and group of names memberships
    • Base URL for emails in self service can be configured in self service profile
    • Bind DLZ: support DNAME+XFR records and descriptions in records (requires latest LDAP schema)
    • Cron jobs: added Shadow account expiration notification job
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Allow tree-only configurations without any other tab



  • New import/export in tools menu
  • YubiKey support
  • Windows users:
    • Manage "departmentNumber" (needs to be activated via LAM server profile)
    • Sync group memberships from Unix and group of names
  • LAM Pro:
    • Easy setting of background color in self service profile
    • Cron jobs: added Windows/Qmail/FreeRadius account expiration notification jobs
    • Bind DLZ: usability improvements and small fixes



  • Password change possible via LDAP EXOP operation (set LDAP_EXOP as password hash, requires PHP 7.2)
  • Support Imagick and GD
  • Dropped support for Apache 2.2
  • Upload: allow to overwrite existing accounts
  • Personal: photos can be printed in PDF export
  • Kolab updates
  • LAM Pro:
    • Auto deletion of entries with dynamic directory services support (requires PHP 7.2)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Issue when changing key case of uid (#197)


  • Imagick PHP extension required
  • Passwords can be checked against external service (e.g. https://haveibeenpwned.com/API/v2#SearchingPwnedPasswordsByRange)
  • Personal/Windows: image cropping support
  • Better filtering of account lists
  • Unix: Unix and group of names memberships can be synced in group selection
  • IMAP: create mailbox via file upload
  • PHP 7.2 support
  • Support for "," in DN
  • LAM Pro:
    • Better support for 389ds password expiration
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Error on password reset page when custom fields is used (194)



  • Server profile: added option if referential integrity overlay is active to skip cleanup actions
  • Unix: several options are now specific to subaccount types (reconfiguration required!)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Security fixes (XSS vulnerabilities CVE-2018-8763 and CSRF token in URL CVE-2018-8764)
    • Quota for Windows groups did not work
  • LAM Pro:
    • Support custom structural object classes with new custom type
    • Support dynamic lists
    • Self service login and password self reset can be secured with captcha


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Login page not working when no server profile exists (44)
    • LAM Pro: Password Self Reset has issues when both security question and confirmation mail are activated.
    • LAM main configuration: certificate buttons do not work


  • License changed from GPL v2 to GPL v3
  • PHP 5.6 and Internet Explorer 11 or later required
  • PDF export supports Chinese, Japan and Korean
  • Account status also shows expired accounts
  • Quota: support k/m/g/t/K/M/G/T to specify values in e.g. kB
  • LAM Pro:
    • Cron jobs include better logging and support dry-run


  • Automatically trim input fields to avoid trailing/leading spaces
  • LAM Pro:
    • Custom fields: support wildcards in text fields such as $firstname
    • Custom fields: specify minimum/maximum count for multi-value entries
    • Custom fields: new type for constant values
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Password modify page reports error on password change when posixAccount is present for users
    • Nginx configuration files did not include "fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $request_filename;" (193)


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Configuration file fills up with empty values
    • Tool visibility settings


  • Support multiple configurations for same account type
  • PHP 7.1 compatibility
  • Courier users and mail aliases
  • Windows: Support unlocking of users with too many failed login attempts
  • Samba 3: added account expiration date to PDF fields
  • LAM Pro:
    • Custom fields: can be used for file upload
    • Custom fields: new selection list type that gets options from LDAP search
    • Kopano support