• Requires PHP 5.4.0 or higher
  • PHP 7 support
  • Windows: support management of fax number
  • Login can show display name instead of server URL
  • Personal/Unix: support K5KEY hash type for smbk5pwd
  • New NIS netgroup module for hosts
  • Puppet: autocompletion for classes and variables, allow to enforce list of possible classes
  • fixed bugs:
    • Autoload errors in tree view
    • Set correct content type on JSON requests (174)
  • LAM Pro:
    • Support for LDAP views based on nsview object class
    • Password notification jobs support to print expiration date in email
    • PPolicy password notification job takes pwdExpireWarning into account
    • Custom fields: support calendar fields
    • Zarafa contacts: allow to create contacts without Unix extension
    • Added options for password rest page to server profile


  • Windows: support for additional attributes (jpegPhoto, title, carLicense, employeeNumber, employeeType, businessCategory, departmentNumber, ou, o, manager)
  • SSH public key: added possibility to add/remove SSH extension
  • MIT Kerberos: set krbExtraData for new accounts
  • IMAP: allow to specify initial folders to create
  • LAM Pro:
    • Users: allow to manage IP addresses with ipHost module
    • Self Service: added time zone setting in self service profile
    • Shadow: added job to notify before Shadow password expires
    • Windows: added job to notify before Windows password expires


  •  IMAP: support Windows users
  • SSH public key: check uploaded files if in right format
  • LAM Pro:
    • Self Service optimized also for mobile devices
    • MySQL support for cron jobs
    • Self registration: support auto-numbering for attributes (e.g. to create Unix accounts)


  • Microsoft IE 8 no longer supported
  • Security: added CSRF protection
  • NIS net groups: user module to manage NIS net groups on user page
  • Zarafa users: allow to change display format of "Send As"
  • User list: support to filter by account status
  • Lamdaemon: update group of home directory if user's primary group changes
  • Personal: allow to add ou=addressbook subentry for users (RFE 117)
  • Unix: support auto-UID/GID with msSFU30DomainInfo
  • Windows groups: support editing of member of
  • Central time zone setting in server profile
  • LAM Pro:
    • Cron job to notify users before password expires (PPolicy)
    • Password Self Reset: added 389 Directory Server schema file
    • Support for groupOfMembers (RFE 121)
    • Rfc2307bis Unix groups: added option to force syncing with group of names


  • Requires PHP 5.3.2 or higher
  • Templates for server profiles
  • Unix/Personal: support SASL as password hash type
  • PDF export: added option to print primary group members
  • Use HTTP_X_REAL_IP/HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR to log IP addresses (RFE 120)
  • LAM Pro:
    • Personal: support image file size limit and cropping (requires php-imagick) in self service
    • Password self reset: allow to enter custom security questions (RFE 115)
    • Unix groups (rfc2307bis): allow to sync members from group of (unique) names (RFE 116)
    • Self Service: support password change with old password (requires PHP >= 5.4.26)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Self Service shows password reuse error after password change was required


  • Active Directory: support paged result as workaround for size limit exceeded
  • FreeRadius: support dialupAccess and radiusProfileDn
  • Usability improvements
  • LAM Pro:
    • Self service: added option if referrals should be followed


  • fixed bugs:
    • Blank page and "User tried to access entry of type ..." log message when DN suffix does not exactly match case in LDAP


  • Nginx webserver support
  • DHCP: support pooling of IP ranges (RFE 107)
  • Personal: support pager attribute (hidden by default)
  • Renamed config/lam.conf_sample to lam.conf.sample and config.cfg_sample to config.cfg.sample
  • LAM Pro:
    • Password dialog: preset alternate email address with backup email address (RFE 111)


  • Unix groups: allow to disable membership management
  • Extended LAM's internal password policies
  • Lamdaemon: move home directory on server if changed
  • Password policy check during typing
  • LAM Pro:
    • Password self reset and user self registration support to set a header text
    • Sudo roles: support latest schema
    • Bind DLZ: automatic PTR management (disabled by default) and better formating of e.g. TTL values


  • IMAP: allow dynamic admin user names by replacing wildcards with LDAP attributes
  • Personal: allow to set fields read-only
  • NIS mail aliases can be managed on user page
  • Added option to server profile if referrals should be followed (fixes problems with Samba 4 and AD)
  • Windows user/group: NIS support (msSFU30NisDomain, msSFU30Name)
  • LAM Pro:
    • Allow to set single account types read-only
    • Support for organizationalRole entries
    • Separate IP restriction list for self service
    • Bind DLZ: support TXT/SRV records
    • Self Service: added language selection
    • Password self reset: support backup email address
    • Custom fields: support help texts
    • Support for Oracle databases (orclNetService) (RFE 104)
  • fixed bugs:
    • PDF export for multiple entries does not work (163)
    • Personal: fixed photo upload if Imagick is not installed (161)
    • Use account filters for Unix membership management (165)