4.3 (17.09.2013)

  • Custom SSL CA certificates can be setup in LAM main configuration
  • Unix user and group support for Samba 4
  • Samba 3 groups: support local members
  • Kolab: support group accounts and allowed senders/receivers for users
  • SSH public key: support file upload and self service enhancements (RFE 101)
  • DHCP: support more options (RFE 99)
  • LAM Pro:
    • PPolicy: check password history for password reuse
    • Custom fields: read-only fields for admin interface and file upload for binary data
    • Custom scripts: support user self registration
    • Password self reset: Samba 3 sync, identification with login attribute, Samba 4 support
  • fixed bugs:
    • Custom fields: auto-adding object classes via profile editor fixed
    • PHP 5.5 compatibility
    • Lamdaemon: do not show message if home directory to delete was not found (154)

4.2.1 (18.07.2013)

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Unix: suggested user name must be lower case
    • Quota: profile editor does not work in some cases

4.2 (04.06.2013)

  • Samba 4 support: users, groups, hosts
  • Unix: allow to change format for suggested user name
  • LAM Pro:
    • allow to hide buttons to create/delete entries for each account type
    • Password self reset: support new identification methods: user, email, user or email, employee number
    • Custom fields: support PDF, profiles and multi-value text fields
    • Personal: support password mail sending in file upload

4.1 (19.03.2013)

  • Updated EDU person module (RFE 3599128)
  • Personal: allow management of user certificates (RFE 1753030)
  • Unix: Support Samba Unix Id pool for automatic UID/GID generation
  • DHCP: support separated dhcpServer and dhcpService entries
  • LAM Pro:
    • support Qmail groups
  • Fixed bugs:
    • changed user and group size limits (3601649)

4.0.1 (06.01.2013)

  • support additional LDAP filters for account types
  • allow to hide account types (that are required by other account types)
  • fixed bugs:
    • missing directories config/pdf and config/profiles on fresh installations

4.0 (17.12.2012)

  • account profiles and PDF structures are now bound to server profile
  • IMAP: support "/" as path separator (RFE 3575692)
  • show server profile name on config pages (RFE 3579768)
  • LAM Pro:
    • Custom fields for admin interface
    • MIT Kerberos support
    • Qmail user support

3.9 (25.09.2012)

  • Kolab 2.4 support
  • Puppet support
  • LAM Pro
    • support RFC2307bis automount entries
    • read-only fields in self service
  • fixed bugs
    • Hidden tools are still shown on the "Tools" page (3546092)

3.8 (19.07.2012)

  • quick (un)lock for users
  • allow to disable tools
  • LAM Pro:
    • Custom fields module allows to manage custom LDAP attributes in Self Service
    • Self service now supports user self registration
    • Separate group of names module for users allows to manage memberships if Unix module is not used (RFE 3504429)
    • Named object module for groups (used for rfc2307bis schema)
    • Password change page allows account (un)locking
    • Allow to send password mails on user edit page
    • Custom scripts: supports manual scripts that can be run from account edit pages
    • Zarafa 7.1 support (proxy URL for servers)
  • fixed bugs
    • Asterisk extensions with same name (3528288)

3.7 (2012-03-25)

  • Login: support bind user for login search
  • Personal: added labeledURI and cosmetic changes, description is now multi-valued (RFE 3446363)
  • Asterisk extensions: group extension entries by name and context
  • File upload:
    • support custom scripts postCreate (LAM Pro)
    • PDF export
  • New translation: Slovakian
  • removed phpGroupWare support (project no longer exists)
  • Use new password after self password change (RFE 3446350)
  • LAM Pro:
    • Password self reset can send password notification mails
    • Zarafa archiver support
    • Heimdal Kerberos support
  • Fixed bugs:
    • DHCP: error message not displayed properly (3441975)
    • Profile loading not possible if required fields are not filled (3444948)
    • Tree view: unable to add object class (3446037)
    • Edit page: unable to move accounts to different OU
    • Self Service: support forced password changes (PPolicy) (3483907)
    • XSS security patch (3496624)

3.6 (2011-11-22)

  • support HTTP authentication for admin pages and self service
  • new modules
    • authorizedServiceObject
    • FreeRadius
  • LAM Pro
    • added password self reset feature
    • Zarafa 7 support
    • Zarafa support for dynamic groups, address lists and contacts
    • Unix: group of names can be managed on user edit page
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Unix: check for upper-case characters in user name (3416180)