• Nginx webserver support
  • DHCP: support pooling of IP ranges (RFE 107)
  • Personal: support pager attribute (hidden by default)
  • Renamed config/lam.conf_sample to lam.conf.sample and config.cfg_sample to config.cfg.sample
  • LAM Pro:
    • Password dialog: preset alternate email address with backup email address (RFE 111)


  • Unix groups: allow to disable membership management
  • Extended LAM's internal password policies
  • Lamdaemon: move home directory on server if changed
  • Password policy check during typing
  • LAM Pro:
    • Password self reset and user self registration support to set a header text
    • Sudo roles: support latest schema
    • Bind DLZ: automatic PTR management (disabled by default) and better formating of e.g. TTL values


  • IMAP: allow dynamic admin user names by replacing wildcards with LDAP attributes
  • Personal: allow to set fields read-only
  • NIS mail aliases can be managed on user page
  • Added option to server profile if referrals should be followed (fixes problems with Samba 4 and AD)
  • Windows user/group: NIS support (msSFU30NisDomain, msSFU30Name)
  • LAM Pro:
    • Allow to set single account types read-only
    • Support for organizationalRole entries
    • Separate IP restriction list for self service
    • Bind DLZ: support TXT/SRV records
    • Self Service: added language selection
    • Password self reset: support backup email address
    • Custom fields: support help texts
    • Support for Oracle databases (orclNetService) (RFE 104)
  • fixed bugs:
    • PDF export for multiple entries does not work (163)
    • Personal: fixed photo upload if Imagick is not installed (161)
    • Use account filters for Unix membership management (165)


  • PyKota support: users, groups, printers, billing codes
  • Kolab shared folder support
  • New tool "Multi edit" allows LDAP operations on a large number of entries (e.g. adding attributes)
  • Allow to set a custom label for each account type
  • Unix: switch also additional membership if primary group is changed (RFE 108)
  • Windows: fixed user name handling, sAMAccountName now optional
  • Apache 2.4 support (requires Apache "version" module)
  • Added Turkish, Ukrainian and US English translation
  • LAM Pro:
    • Bind DLZ support
    • Samba/Shadow: display password change date in self service
    • Custom fields: support custom label and icon, auto-completion
    • User self registration: support constant attribute values
    • Self service: allow to set custom field labels
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Format of photo in Personal tab (158)

4.3 (17.09.2013)

  • Custom SSL CA certificates can be setup in LAM main configuration
  • Unix user and group support for Samba 4
  • Samba 3 groups: support local members
  • Kolab: support group accounts and allowed senders/receivers for users
  • SSH public key: support file upload and self service enhancements (RFE 101)
  • DHCP: support more options (RFE 99)
  • LAM Pro:
    • PPolicy: check password history for password reuse
    • Custom fields: read-only fields for admin interface and file upload for binary data
    • Custom scripts: support user self registration
    • Password self reset: Samba 3 sync, identification with login attribute, Samba 4 support
  • fixed bugs:
    • Custom fields: auto-adding object classes via profile editor fixed
    • PHP 5.5 compatibility
    • Lamdaemon: do not show message if home directory to delete was not found (154)

4.2.1 (18.07.2013)

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Unix: suggested user name must be lower case
    • Quota: profile editor does not work in some cases

4.2 (04.06.2013)

  • Samba 4 support: users, groups, hosts
  • Unix: allow to change format for suggested user name
  • LAM Pro:
    • allow to hide buttons to create/delete entries for each account type
    • Password self reset: support new identification methods: user, email, user or email, employee number
    • Custom fields: support PDF, profiles and multi-value text fields
    • Personal: support password mail sending in file upload

4.1 (19.03.2013)

  • Updated EDU person module (RFE 3599128)
  • Personal: allow management of user certificates (RFE 1753030)
  • Unix: Support Samba Unix Id pool for automatic UID/GID generation
  • DHCP: support separated dhcpServer and dhcpService entries
  • LAM Pro:
    • support Qmail groups
  • Fixed bugs:
    • changed user and group size limits (3601649)

4.0.1 (06.01.2013)

  • support additional LDAP filters for account types
  • allow to hide account types (that are required by other account types)
  • fixed bugs:
    • missing directories config/pdf and config/profiles on fresh installations

4.0 (17.12.2012)

  • account profiles and PDF structures are now bound to server profile
  • IMAP: support "/" as path separator (RFE 3575692)
  • show server profile name on config pages (RFE 3579768)
  • LAM Pro:
    • Custom fields for admin interface
    • MIT Kerberos support
    • Qmail user support