We are always looking for people to translate LDAP Account Manager to other languages or review existing translations. All translators get the current LAM Pro release (single machine, without one year updates) for free.

If you would like to help please write to our i18n-mailinglist.


Please write to our i18n-mailinglist if you want to translate LAM or find translation errors.

Translation HowTo

LAM translation team:

Language Translator
Catalan help needed
Chinese (Simplified) Alan Needham
Chinese (Traditional) help needed
Czech help needed
Dutch Jorg
English (GB+US) LAM developers
French Franck Rakotonindrainy
German Roland Gruber
Hungarian help needed
Italian help needed
Japanese help needed
Polish Artur Kańczugowski
Portuguese Bernardino Gonçalves
Russian Anthony Melentev
Slovak Slavko
Spanish Leandro Lattanzio
Turkish help needed
Ukrainian Maksym Mokriiev